Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Storm Warning

Can somebody please explain something to me?  I just saw a weather bulletin that said there was a storm approaching my area at 40 miles per hour that had 60 mile per hour winds.  How is this possible?  If the winds are traveling at 60 miles per hour, wouldn't the storm be also?  If the storm is, indeed, traveling at 40 miles per hour, are the winds preceding it?  And, if so, where does the precursory wind leave off and the actual storm begin?

 This is beginning to sound very much like one of my time travel theories.  Like the one where you cook minute rice in a microwave.

All I am left with is one of three possibilities.  The first being that they are correct in their reporting of the storm information and that I am incapable of understanding the meteorological implications, the second being that they are wrong in their reporting of the storm information and I am right in questioning an illogical set of facts, or that the bimbo weather girl is living up to my expectations of her abilities.

Regardless, I am confused.  But I've gotta go.  The high winds just blew over my deck umbrella and, from what I hear, there is a storm approaching.



Anonymous said...

Miss reading your blog, wish you would start posting again.

Anonymous said...

This is funny but it is over a year ago and I am waiting for newer insights.